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Is kanthal A1 wire a better resistant wire then nichrome?

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Is kanthal A1 wire a better resistant wire then nichrome?

In order to answer this question, we would have to first look into what a resistant wire actually is and after you are able to look into it, it would be easier to compare both and find out which one is a better alternative as well.

A resistant wire as the name suggests is a wire having unfirom and high resistance on the passage of the electric current and therefore is often used in applications where heat is required as due to the high resistance, these wires can easily generate heat when current is passing through them. Some of the applications in which the resistance wires are constantly used are the ovens, toasters and other heating elements including in some of the transducers as well.

If you practically look into the variety of resistance wires which are available these days we are looking at the nichrome wire which as the name suggests is made of nickel and chromium and the other option which we are looking at is kanthal A1 wire.

The main disadvantage of nichrome wire is that it can only be used up to 1250 degrees whereas if you look at the kanthal A1 wire you would find that it can be used at a much higher temperature as well without any problems.

The temperatures up to which nichrome can be operated are lower as compared to kanthal and that is why the range of applications is different.

Some of the applications of nichrome:

  • 1.Hair Dryer: The heat required in hair dryer is on lower side as compared to something like an oven and hence nichrome is used.
  • 2.Toaster: Again when you compare the heat required in the toaster it is again on the lower side as compared to oven and therefore again nichrome is used as well.

Some of the applications of kanthal A1 wire:

  • 1.Microwave ovens: As we all know oven requires being heated up to a high temperature quite quickly and rapidly and also it needs to reheat and stop heating at a very short duration and this cannot be done with nichrome and hence kanthal A1 wire is used.
  • 2.Furnace: The temperature required in a furnace is even higher and therefore the option of nichrome is not available at all and just the kanthal A1 wire is used.

So, when you look at the properties and the applications of kanthal A1 wire it would become pretty clear that in the applications it is much more advanced to the nichrome and also according to the specifications as well, it is much more advanced.

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