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Kanthal A1 Wire

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Kanthal A1 wire

Kanthal A1 wire is one of the high quality heat resistant wires which finds many applications in the industry. One of the applications is for the use in the atomizer of the vaping sticks. Since the vaping industry has been consistently growing in the last few years, kanthal A1 wire has also gained more and more prominence and has been growing in demand as well. There is a need of a heat resistant wire in the vaping stick and with Kanthal providing such a high quality product, it has become almost the by default choice for the vaping stick manufacturers.

If you look at the composition of kanthal A1 wire you would find that it is actually an alloy and not just made of a single metal. The alloy consists of iron, chromium and aluminium. The alloy has a very high melting point and this wire can be easily used at a temperature of 1400 degrees without any problems. Also, since it is used inside the vaping stick, it cannot be prone to oxidation as well and this requirement is also easily fulfilled by kanthal A1 wire as it is oxidation resistant as well, which makes it the perfect choice for being used inside the vaping stick.

In some of the other applications as well, it is used as a heating element in industries and often used in the furnaces in industries as well where temperatures can rise a lot.

The generation composition of kanthal A1 wire is 23.5% chromium and 5.8% aluminium and the rest is iron. From the composition itself, it is pretty clear that it can resist heat quite easily and also, since it has high resistance properties as well, it is used to generate heat and is used as a heating element as well.

The resistance of the wire remains almost constant irrespective of the change in temperature and that is why, it is often used as a heating element. If you look into the magnetic properties of this material then up to 600 degrees it exhibits a magnetic property as well which ensures that you are able to use it in magnetic applications as well. Also, as we mentioned above, even at high temperatures this wire does not get oxidised and therefore, it is easier to use it in a variety of applications where it can last for a pretty long period of time without any problems as well.

So, when you are looking at the composition and the properties of kanthal A1 wire you would realize that can be used in the industrial grade applications as well as the applications like vaping sticks without any problems.

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