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Properties of kanthal A1 wire

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Properties of Kanthal A1 wire

Most of the specifications of kanthal A1 wire are much advanced as compared to some of the other options which are available in the market these days. We would now be going into the properties of the kanthal A1 wire.


The real test of corrosion comes into account when you are exposing it to sulphur compounds and other such compounds and when you are exposing kanthal A1 wire to the same, you would find that it does not corrode easily and such providing you with a superior resistant wire option.


If you look at the option of oxidation or rusting, you would realize that if the wire gets rusted soon enough it would require replacement frequently and in some of the industrial grade applications this is not always possible and it can also mean losses of thousands of dollars as well, as you would have to shut down the whole plant for it. That is why, only wires which resist oxidation as well as rusting are needed and kanthal A1 wire is pretty famous for it’s resistance to oxidation and can withstand high temperature and moist environment without the problem of rusting as well. The problem with nichrome or other wires here is that they would start oxidising in less harsher environments as well and thus not being fit for industrial grade applications.

Thermal expansion:

Thermal expansion is the rate at which the wire can expand when it is subjected to heat. Ideally the thermal expansion of the wire which is being used in the industrial applications is on the lower side. Kanthal A1 wire has almost the same thermal expansion as the other option of nichrome 60. However, among the different, variants of kanthal wire you would find that the rate of thermal expansions varies slightly as well and therefore, make sure that you check the exact rate of thermal expansion before opting for the wire. Also, it would be dependent on the density of the wire as well and the density of kanthal A1 wire is comparatively lesser for the kanthal A1 wire as compared to the nichrome wire.

So, if you are thinking of choosing between the different options for resistance grade wires which can be used in the industrial applications as well as in the day to hear elements, it is important for you to look into the properties of kanthal A1 wire and when you are able to do that it would be easier for you to choose.

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