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​Nichrome Wire Prices

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Nichrome Wire Prices

Over one hundred years since its invention, society is still having a heated discussion on Nichrome wire prices. Nichrome was first patented in 1905, making it the oldest form of resistance heating alloy ever documented. For those that do not know, Nichrome usually refers to any alloy, of chromium, nickel, iron and other substances. For the most part, these alloys are used in resistance wire, in which current produces heat. While this substance is found in a wide array of devices, there is one, in particular, that’s breathing new life into the alloy.

Nichrome Wire Prices Change After Vaping Boom

Now that vaping is catching on with tobacco smokers all over the world, the demand for vaping devices is skyrocketing. Hence, Nichrome wire prices should be going up. However, they’re actually going down. So why does nichrome wire work so well with a vape anyway? Well, for starters, Nichrome is a material made of nickel and chrome. It comes in all different types but typically it’s found in 60/40 and 80/20. Since the beginning of vaping, Nichrome was one of the first materials used and seeing as it’s one of the best, it has a new life. It is this popularity among the vaping population that immensely contributes to the surge in the price of Nichrome wires.

While Nichrome wire prices certainly are different than they were years ago, it is still one of the cheapest wires one can find for vaping coils. This is because of how long it’s been on the market. A few years prior, Nichrome was actually more expensive but since it’s become the norm for vaping, the prices are evening out now. Perhaps another reason that Nichrome is cheaper than alternatives is because it corrodes with sulfate. That means without the proper care, it won’t last very long. However, there are a number of e-liquids out there that don’t have sulfur or contain low amounts of it.

Why Nichrome is More Expensive than Kanthal Wire

In the world of vaping, there is one main competitor to Nichrome and that is Kanthal wire.

When talking about nichrome wire prices, it’s important to discuss Kanthal wire because the two are closely related. So to delve into this topic let’s first see why the two are different and how this effects cost.

1. Nichrome heats up more quickly than Kanthal

There are several tests out there comparing Nichrome to Kanthal in terms of heating up. Without fail, Nichrome always beats Kanthal. For those looking for instant vape satisfaction, you can see why Nichrome is the better choice due to the fact that it expedites the process. Hence, more demand means higher prices.

2. Nichrome has less resistance

In a similar comparison, Kanthal wire is found to have lower resistance than Nichrome. A lower resistance wire means that the lower the ohms, the warmer and more intense the vape gets. For those looking to get a more intense hit off of their vape, this is the feature they look for.

3. Kanthal wire lasts longer than Nichrome

This is one area where Kanthal beats out Nichrome. While vapers love how quickly Nichrome heats up, they don’t like how this leads to a quicker wear out. Kantahl wires, on the other hand, have more tolerance to heat and last longer. So what does this have to do with Nichrome wire prices? Well, it’s quite possible that manufacturers know of this little caveat. Hence, they capitalize on the high need for Nichrome and the high turnover rate by raising prices. That’s capitalism at it’s finest.

Creative ways to save On Nichrome Wire

Seeing as Nichrome Wire prices are going up and down these days, perhaps you want to look into alternative options. Whether you are tight on dough or only need a small amount for your vaping device, there are some methods to get Nichrome. For example, you can use a ceramic heater.

If you have large, ceramic resistors just lying around, you will find a meter of nichrome inside. Once you break through the ceramic, it’s quite simple to remove. Furthermore, there are plenty of other household items one can find for their Nichrome needs. That being said, it’s probably not the best idea. Ideally, you want to buy your Nichrome from a trusted online retailer. In fact, why not take a look at the top products on the market for you to examine.

Top Nichrome Wire Products On Amazon

Just a simple Amazon search will bring up numerous sources to buy nichrome wire at affordable prices. here are a few of the best.

Genuine 32 AWG Nichrome

For those that don’t like the taste of wire in their vape, this option is the best choice. It has the highest concentration of Nickel out there while also having enough Chrome for a long lifespan. With the 32 AWG, you can find that perfect spot of a wire that handles current and maneuverability to last long. Furthermore, AtomizerWick is famous for their award winning customer service.

2. Vape and Wires Nichrome 80

This wire has a 1.64 Ohms/foot resistance, making this one of the highest conductive wires you can find. It heats up fast meaning a huge output of smoke for those looking to vape. For vaping beginners out there, take note because of how fast this wire heats up.

3. Nichrome 80 38 Gauge

For the professionals, Nichrome 38 gauge is the coil for you. 38 gauges are thick enough to be used for a wrapper but also strong enough to withstand even the toughest environments. It has a resistance of 40.62 Ohms/foot meaning users will get a lot of this product for a reasonable price. It is these specs that makes it the ideal choice for use by the professionals.

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