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Nichrome Wire Properties

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Nichrome Wire Properties

A Comprehensive Review on Nichrome Wire Properties

Nichrome is an alloy that is used the world over as an effective heating element. When you weigh this alloy, you would find that it contains 80% nickle and 20% chromium. Popularly known as 'Nickle-Chromium resistant wire', this magnetic alloy is blessed with unusually high heat resistivity, which is why, it is popularly used as a major component in various heating elements.

Nickle is the major component of nichrome. It is recognized by its Atomic Number, which is (28) and it's chemical symbol, which is ('Ni'). The other component of nichrome is chromium. This element is recognized by its Amonic Number, which is (24) and its chemical symbol, which is (Cr). Chromium is a hard metal and it's color is steel gray. Nickle on the other hand, is a lustrous metal and it is silvery-while in color.

It is important to note that the alloy nichrome has a high melting point and it is naturally resistant to corrosion. This alloy is a perfect blend of silver and grey colors, which is why, people sometimes popularly term it as a 'silvery-grey' allow.

Nichrome Wire Properties - The Physical Properties

1) Tensile and Yield Strength - As stated above, nichrome is a strong element with a Tensile Strength of 105000 pounds per square inch. It is important to make note of the fact that the Yield Strength of this alloy is 50,000 pounds per square inch.

2) Electric Resistivity Measured at Room Temperature - The electric resistivity of this alloy at normal room temperature is 1.0x10(-6) to 1.5x10(-6) ohm m.

3) Modulus of Elasticity- Nichrome's Modulus of elasticity is 2.2x10(11). Modulus of Elasticity is defined as an object's tendency to change its shape when an external force is applied to it. This calculation is done using a mathematical formula.

4) Thermal Conductivity - It's thermal conductivity is 11.3W/m degree centigrade. Thermal Conductivity is defined as the object's capability to conduct heat.

5) Specific Heat - Nichrome's specific heat is 450j/kg degree centigrade. Specific heat is defined as the temperature that is needed to change the temperate of a substance by a required level. For example, changing the temperature of a substance by "one Fahrenheit".

6) Magnetic Attraction - The magnetic attraction of nichrome is nil.

7) High Melting Point - The most interesting aspect of nichrome is its high melting point, which in turn is measured at 1400 degree centigrade.

8) Density - The density of nichrome is 8400 kg/m (3).

Thermal Expansion - This term is defined as the required temperature that changes the volume of a substance by applying heat to it.

The thermal expansion coefficient of nichrome is (20 degree centigrade to 100 degree centigrade):13.4x10(6)/degree centigrade.

9) Gravity - Chromium has a specific gravity of 8.4.

10) Temperature Coefficient Resistivity - The temperature coefficient resistivity is measured at (25 degree centigrade to 100 degree centigrade):100ppm/degree centigrade. Temperature Coefficient Resistivity is defined as the change in the physical properties of a substance when the substance's temperature is altered by one Kelvin.

What is Nichrome Used For?

-This alloy is mainly used in manufacturing firecrackers. It is also used in the explosive industry.

-It is used in various industries,especially for manufacturing hot wire foam cutters.

-This product is suitable for electronic cigarettes. Nichrome is also used in electronic ignition systems for building bridgewires.

-Industries that manufacture thermocouples are also habitual of using Nichrome in their manufacturing process.

-The ceramic manufacturing units make use of nichrome to hold clay structures in shape when they are soft. Even when you place clay pieces in fire, this heat resistant alloy is used to hold such delicate clay pieces together.

-Nichrome is capable of resisting high temperatures, which in turn makes it an ideal component for electronic toasters, electric ovens, hair dryers and soldiering irons.

-Industries requiring high power dissipation and low noise output, such as telecommunications, power supply, military and medical, use thin films of this alloy to manufacture integrated chips.

-Nichrome wires are used for testing the flame color of other alloys. For example, the citations of potassium are separated from the non illuminated parts of the citation fire using nichrome wires.

-The motorcycle industry is highly dependent on nichrome wires for manufacturing their silencers.

-Several microbiological industries make use of this wire to test various products in their laboratories.

Nichrome Wire Properties - The Pricing Structure of Nichrome

If you want to purchase nichrome wires, you simply need to pay a visit to a shop that sells electrical wires. A 25 inch coil of .020 diameter round nichrome wire (24 guage) costs $16 on an average. On the other hand, nichrome ribbons that are flat in shape and 1/16 inch in width with a thickness of .010 inch, shall cost $2.21 per foot.

Why is Nichrome Wire used in Electronic Cigarettes?

1) One of the main reasons why Nichrome wire is used in an electronic cigarette is because it heats up very quickly, thereby allowing the vaping enthusiasts to puff e-liquid at warp speed. In an electronic cigarette, the heating element lies in the atomizer. If the heating element is slow, the smoker would never be able to relish the true taste of vaping an e-liquid solution and vice versa.

2) Secondly, nichrome wires have very low resistance levels. This permits the concerned smoker to enjoy each puff in the most suitable manner. It is also important to note that nichrome wires can be twisted and wrapped easily.

3) Thirdly, nichrome wires are very sturdy and they are capable of lasting a lifetime if used carefully. The lack of wear and tear and high resistance to heat, makes these wires a suitable components in electronic cigarettes.

4) Lastly, nichrome wires are highly affordable in nature. The manufacturer does not need to spend a lot of money in order to develop his e cigarette. At the same time, as the cost of production is low, the cost of each e cig is also low. This in turn allows even budget conscious smokers to purchase e cigarettes easily.

5) Nichrome wires have a tendency to heat up very quickly, which in turn helps you enjoy high vapor volume and more puffs. The vapor volume is also produced in record time, which in turn implies that you do not require to press the atomizer button way too often. In the case of manual vaporizers, a few puffs shall activate the atomizer allowing you to puff high amounts of thick, voluminous water vapor.

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