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Regulated or Unregulated? How to Choose the Right Mod for You

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All new vapers should receive a dictionary of vaping terms and acronyms because there seems to be so many of them being thrown around these days. If you follow any vaping blogs or forums, you've likely seen all sorts of talk about regulated mods versus unregulated mods. These two basic types of e-cigs accomplish the same basic task, but are really quite different from each other. The type you choose really depends on your own personal vaping habits and preferences.

So What’s the Difference?

In a nutshell, a regulated mod contains a circuit board to regulate the current and prevent the battery from overheating, while an unregulated mod does not.

To be more specific, an unregulated mod (AKA mechanical mod) has no internal wiring, consisting of only a replaceable battery with contacts. The battery and atomizer coils determine how much oomph a mechanical mod generates. In contrast, a regulated mod contains wiring and an internal chip that regulates its voltage and wattage.

Reasons to Stick with a Regulated Mod

Regulated mods, including VV/VW (variable voltage / variable wattage) models, definitely have their benefits, especially if you’re a vaping newbie or you don’t have an interest in making your own coils. That’s not to say experienced vapers don’t use regulated mods because many, many of them do. Some reasons why you might stick with a regulated mod include:

  • Regulated mods are easy to use and very safe.
  • Many styles of regulated mods can be used as pass-through batteries, meaning you can use them while they are charging.
  • The initial investment to get started with a regulated mod can be very low.
  • Once charged, the voltage stays the same until the battery is drained.
  • Regulated mods offer all sorts of convenient bells and whistles, like VV/VW, digital displays and ohms readers.

Not too long ago, you could only use a sub-ohm coil with a mechanical mod because regulated mods simply didn’t generate enough power. Well, if you prefer the safety of a regulated mod, but dream of producing big, fat vapor clouds, you’re in luck because there are now several high-output, regulated mods on the market.

Reasons to go with an Unregulated Mod (AKA mechanical mod)

If you're a vaping vet who desires fluffy clouds of vapor production and stronger flavor, an unregulated mod may have your name written all over it. However, you really should have a solid understanding of battery amperes limits and ohm’s law before venturing into the world of mechanical mods.

Many old timers swear by mechanical mods and have no desire for the bells and whistles of a regulated mod. A few reasons why they prefer to go the unregulated route include:

  • Unregulated mods (AKA mechanical mod) can produce lots and lots of vapor.
  • Mechanical mods provide a stronger throat hit and more flavor.
  • With unregulated power output, mechanical mods are great for sub-ohm vaping.
  • Mechanical mods typically cost less than many of the newer regulated mods on the market with higher wattage and voltage outputs.
  • Mechanical mods are completely customizable because of their simple design.
  • They are virtually indestructible.

Bottom Line

If you’re a cloud-chaser who likes to build your own coils, an unregulated mod is the way to go. If you’re not yet comfortable with battery amperes and the whole ohm’s law thing, play it safe and do your homework before picking up your first mechanical mod.

Whichever way you decide to go, the most important thing is to choose a vape that truly satisfies you.

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